How to improve your grammar skills

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Grammar is very important for English learner . It can be small confusing and complicated.if you want learn grammar quickly whenever you get free time try to write some articles related to anything what you want and what you know more about.writing skills only change your grammar mistakes and We have many ways are there increase grammar skills. We will see step by step process.

1 .spend time Reading

Reading the one way you can improve grammar skills. When you read , you will try to correct your grammar in your can be very helpful to read loudly.when you read loudly you can hear words that way also you can improve your skills.try to read more grammar books it is too helpful for understanding the grammar easily.

2.Listen by others

listening is the best way to learning.when you listen by your professor or friends or roommates it will make some curious to lean english .when you get inspiriation you can automatically start speaking with while speaking you use grammar words by speaking also you can improve your grammar skills.

3.writing the content

This is the super way to improve your grammar skills and writting skills . When you read own word loudly ,it helps spot issues not only grammar . If you want article you need study more, then only you can write the article.Reason when you read more content you will get some ideas about grammar issues and spot issues. Whenever you will write article ,the first step to take is to strengthen your grammar skills.when imporving your grammar , its important to be sure you understand the basic grammar concepts .


This is important thing . Whatever you do ,it would be writing, reading or listing you should be use continuously becoz this is the very important thing without practice you can’t improve your grammar. everything practice. So start your practice it will more helpful.

Use the above methods reagulery and you will learn better grammar skills before you know it.

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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   As more and more people use computers in their home and business, there is an increasing opportunity to help people overcome problems with their computers, networks, and peripherals. Utilizing my unique technological knowledge and superior customer service, I will deliver a top-quality experience to those experiencing computer problems.d

Mission Statement

     At A.K.C. we create happy loyal customers with nothing but the best in computer/network services at nothing but the best prices in the comfort of their home.d

The story from the beginning

     I remember around the age of 6 or 7 always on the computer playing games, listening to music, or just talking to friends it was very hard to get me off. And as the usual little on of the family I was always the one to mess up the computer by downloading things or simply not keeping up with it and my brother would always fix it. Until one day when the computer had crashed he had finally had it with me messing up the computers and told me now you’re going to learn how to fix it yourself. After teaching me how to fix what I had done I asked him to teach me more. Liking it more and more along the way, I ended up taking small classes with people in the IT department of my school, while helping them service the school’s computers.