Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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   As more and more people use computers in their home and business, there is an increasing opportunity to help people overcome problems with their computers, networks, and peripherals. Utilizing my unique technological knowledge and superior customer service, I will deliver a top-quality experience to those experiencing computer problems.d

Mission Statement

     At A.K.C. we create happy loyal customers with nothing but the best in computer/network services at nothing but the best prices in the comfort of their home.d

The story from the beginning

     I remember around the age of 6 or 7 always on the computer playing games, listening to music, or just talking to friends it was very hard to get me off. And as the usual little on of the family I was always the one to mess up the computer by downloading things or simply not keeping up with it and my brother would always fix it. Until one day when the computer had crashed he had finally had it with me messing up the computers and told me now you’re going to learn how to fix it yourself. After teaching me how to fix what I had done I asked him to teach me more. Liking it more and more along the way, I ended up taking small classes with people in the IT department of my school, while helping them service the school’s computers.

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