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And perhaps one of the best things about the app is their customer support. As with any app, there are times when things don’t work quite right, or I have a question about how to do something. Diary’s customer support team has responded quickly each and every time with an answer or software update to fix the problem buying app reviews. Yes, I love this app. And no, they didn’t pay me to write this review, lol! I would definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to keep a daily journal.

I used Day One for over 4 years and have hundreds of entries, but now that Day One charges $25 a year when the first app was $5 is insane. To stick with the new Day One would cost me $100 when the app has reached its peak (Honestly, what more can a journal App do?). I understand apps are not easy to maintain and developing takes times, but $25 a year from thousands of people is insane when they have slow feature rollouts and are buggy anyway!!! Literally the only difference between $5 Day One 1 and $25/yr Day One 2 is that you have to pay $4/month for multiple pictures in an entry, a feature they left out in DO1 on purpose. I already know Day One v3 will be $50/yr and let you include short video entries buy google play review.

 Step in Diaro! $5 flat and it offers exactly what Day One wants 5x more money for. Diaro should be the top diary app! My only minor issues would be that I would like iCloud sync and a design option similar to Day One (D.O. is a beautiful app designed by greedy insane people). I will be using this app and recommending it for years to come!! Keep up the good work!!I’m enjoying using this app. My only issue is that while learning it, I didn’t see the background options until after adding folders. There is no way I can find to edit them once they are created. I would really like to have this option. Otherwise, great app. Syncs perfectly through Dropbox. The first app I bought (Trujournal) would not sync as advertised & developers were completely unresponsive. I deleted it as soon as I found Diaro & obviously wasted my money.

 5 stars if the developers add the edit function.I just got my iPad Pro 10.5 for Christmas and looked for a new journal app that would replace Day One AND upload all of my Day One entries starting in 2013! The pro version at a good price does this very well. I followed the directions in the FAQs. It took awhile and when it said Done for downloading data from my Dropbox and an error for downloading attachments I was worried, but I hit continue. I was very pleased to see my 1,071 entries and my photos too! They were in a folder called Day One so I made another folder for my new entries just in case cheap android installs.

 I love how easy this app is to use compared to Day One and I can easily put many photos in my entries. Haven’t tried other things yet, but so far I highly recommend this app! I was worried about losing my journal entries from Day One and I definitely do not want to pay a Day One subscription! 

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