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Since the invention of smartphones, technology has evolved a lot. We have seen the technology specific to the smartphone world multiply in leaps and bounds. Phones that just used to have the basic calling, messaging, and browsing functions are now touting the latest and greatest processors at their price ranges, crisp displays, big batteries, and the best of it all – apps! Without apps, a smartphone would be a barely working piece of junk. Every app has a developer behind it and a purpose it wants to serve. But while developing apps, developers face problems like:

  • App store ranking: Be it Apple’s app store or Google’s Play Store, what should the app developer do so that the app ranks in the top 5 or top 3 of the search results. How can one distinguish their apps from other apps when they offer the same services?                                                                                                                                            
  • Updating keywords and description: While figuring out the app ranking process, one will always come across the term – ‘keywords’. An example of a keyword for a fitness app can be ‘online fitness course’ or maybe ‘build muscles’ and the like. Proper keyword selection and implementation will boost your app’s ranking and increase the number of downloads for the app.

To solve such issues that any app faces when it has been launched or has launched earlier but not getting the growth figures it wants to see for itself, app store optimization is needed. This is where NextGrowthLabs comes into the arena! 


Why should you use NextGrowthLabs?

When the matter of app ranking boils down to selecting the best candidates for the job, it boils down to the dominating player in the market – NextGrowthLabs! This is not what a single person has to say, but it is the culmination of multiple reviews from multiple satisfied customers. NextGrowthLabs has implemented app store optimization for multiple apps now, and a wide clientele under its portfolio.

For Best app store optimization, there needs to be a good understanding of what the users want from an app and implementing those keywords accordingly. Because truth be told if two apps offer the same kind and quality of services, the proper use and implementation of keywords is what will make it stand out!

With NextGrowthLabs, you will get the following benefits for your app:

  • Efficient monitoring and administration of keywords. They have certain tools that can extract the information about what kind of keywords have a higher search volume and implement those appropriately in the app description and app title. 
  • Appropriate copywriting so that your app description reflects the true values of your app and the user finds a correlation between what the app offers/promises and whether it really aligns with the keywords searched for.
  • Category ranking by NextGrowthLabs shows in which categories your app ranks higher. An app that can apply to more than one keyword is definitely going to take the crown and create a niche profile for itself.


With a trusted player in the game of app store optimization, you can trust NextGrowthLabs blindfolded. They have been in this field for a long time with their tools evolving with each campaign they undertake. If you want your app to catch the customer’s eyes, there isn’t a better choice in the market than NextGrowthLabs!