Does, Buying android app reviews make app rank higher?

Obviously, For app developers, app’s rank really matters a lot. Most of the apps are downloaded because of their rankings. The higher the ranking is, the easier is the way for app to expose and gain some public attention. Most of the people or users search the keywords or name of the app on the app store. There are different ways through which you can boost your app rank.

How does an app get rank in the play store?

Ranking is the key factor for any app’s growth but it is not proven or declared or written anywhere that how is app rank calculated. But still there are some determinants which can be taken into account.

  • Downloads – the more downloads the more chance increases to get top rankings in Google play store. Downloads are taken into account while calculating rank of an app.
  • Installs /uninstalls – if an app is downloaded in device and installed, removing or uninstalling the app immediately contributes to negative ranking. App should be downloaded and installed and should be used and kept for long. It gives positive effects.
  • Install for long – the apps which are installed for long are in beneficial state. Long installs directly affect the Google ranking.
  • Reviews and ratings- the more downloads the more ratings and reviews. Ratings and reviews affect greatly the pattern of ranking. Studies show that more than 60% users download the app only after seeing ratings and reviews. 5star rating apps always get chance to rank at the top. Reviews does remarkable job in assuring customers that’s why always ask customers to leave a comment about app’s performance.

App reviews make app rank higher-

Ratings are somewhat correlated with higher rankings, high star rating tend to rank higher. Reviews shows trust of users in app. apps with more ratings and high star count would earn high rankings on popular keywords. You can buy app reviews and buy android app ratings(as well as iOS) from where companies out there present in the market.

Lots of reviews and higher ratings-

More of downloads means more of higher ratings and positive reviews. Higher ratings and reviews means more of installs because people get impressed easily with good reviews and ratings. It sounds easy but reality is somehow not that easy. It’s sometime easy to get enough downloads but to get some more you need to impress more potential users through higher ratings and influencing reviews which daily users rarely give. Downloads brings reviews and reviews bring more downloads and more downloads leads your app’s way to top featured list, top rank. Reviews and ratings drive customer’s behaviour. To get more downloads you need more reviews and ratings to rank your app at top. You can see how all things are interlinked and inter-independent. They all need to work in coordination.  But getting reviews is not easy as it looks. Daily users commonly ignore, they neither review nor rate the app. daily reviews may come with negative recommendations. Some users directly buy app installs for ratings and reviews.

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