Keywords makes higher ranking in app

The app stores are very crowded as there are nearly 5 million apps available including iOS app stores and Google Play stores. If you launch a new app you are in a need to find a way to make your app stand out if not the app will be at risk as its being lost in a sea of obscurity.

The best way to make your app to reach success is using App Store Optimization keyword.

The ASO main aim is to get your app more conversions or downloads by having it rank highly in the search results for relevant, high traffic App store optimization keywords

Let’s see some strategies to find, research, and implement high-value keywords that will bring your app more download.

Be clear in choosing keyword
The most successful technology companies follow it but it’s a process that many people get stuck on. Think about your app from the user point of view rather than the developer’s side. Be clear with the purpose of your app, if you were seeking for your app, what words would you prefer for search for. That’s it the word or phrase that came to your mind is the keyword.

Relevant keywords
Above all else App store optimization keywords must be relevant, it’s the first trick. Several tools are available to find the search term that gets enough traffic. But only you know whether the keyword is relevant to your app or not. So choose the relevant keyword. It’s best to start off with the smaller keywords rather preferring the lengthy phrases.

Refer competitor keywords
The best way to do that is to see what keywords your competitors were using. So you’ll get an idea regarding the competitor’s data and the keywords that the competitors were highly ranked for. With the reference of the right App store optimization keyword keywords which will increase the ranking of app and keyword search.

Traffic search keyword
It simply means the volume of searches a keyword is getting. If the traffic score is high, the more searches a keyword is getting and it automatically brings more conversion or downloads to your app. Thus prefer high competition and search traffic best app store optimization keywords.

Choose one keyword
By following the above steps you would have chosen some keywords. Now it’s time to pick the best one from the list for your app. Remember, these keywords will get your app the most downloads and put yours in the top rankings. So it must be the perfect keyword for App store optimization keyword search. The struggling part of your keyword is to rank high in the search results. Your keyword should rank in the top 20 at a minimum if it ranks top5 it’s extraordinary; otherwise, your app is as good as invisible. As it’s more difficult to rank higher if the competition is higher for a keyword.

The toughest part of choosing keywords is over. Now implement your App store optimization keywords in your app then launch your new app or updates of the app.