What You Should Know About NEFT Before Using It In 2023?

The online payment facility has many advantages and features; all credit goes to technological advancements. Send money to other bank accounts, open business bank account have become simple and hassle-free thanks to online payment systems. One of those online fund transfer platforms is NEFT. National Electronic Funds Transfer is known as NEFT. 

The Reserve Bank of India governs the NEFT system, aligning with all of the RBI’s instructions, especially those related to secure and efficient bank merchant services. With the aid of NEFT, you can effortlessly avoid standing in line at the bank. Additionally, you can bypass the need to fill out challans, withdrawal forms, checks, etc. 

What are the timings of NEFT transactions you can avail of as per the Reserve Bank of India?

Previously, as stated here, the NEFT system had to adhere to a particular time boundary.

  • Monday to Friday: 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Saturday: 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

In 2019, the Reserve Bank of India changed this rule and launched the upgraded version of the NEFT payment system, aligning with the 24*7 active mode. This innovation, a significant step towards digitalization, offers numerous benefits to all users, including those utilizing Vyapar invoice services. Now, users no longer need to wait for NEFT clearance, experiencing enhanced efficiency and convenience in their financial transactions.

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred using the NEFT system?

Starting at INR 1, a NEFT fund transfer can be initiated. The RBI, however, has not set a limit for the same. Cash transfers of up to Rs. 50,000 are permitted per transaction. The total amount that can be transferred is also unrestricted. However, a few banks have decided on their upper limit.  

What are the charges allocated for NEFT transactions as per RBI?

Transactions can be divided into two categories: inward transactions and outward transactions. In most cases, there are no such fees for inward transactions. 

Regarding outward transactions, the Reserve Bank of India has a set fee. This table includes information about the charges. 

Transaction amountCharges according to the RBI
Less than or equal to INR 10,000Rs. 2.5 + GST
Between 10,000 and INR 1 lakhRs. 5 + GST
Between INR 1 lakh and INR 2 lakhRs. 15 + GST
More than INR 2 LakhRs. 25 + GST

What are the features of the NEFT system?

NEFT is a very beneficial way of online transactions similar to Paytm business. Here are the features of the NEFT system. 

  • It is a one-to-one transaction system. 
  • The bank must have its NEFT service operational to use the NEFT system.
  • You must add the beneficiaries to your banking account portal to transfer money using the NEFT payment system. 
  • The maximum amount has no such upper bound. However, some banks have restrictions on how easy a payment can be.
  • Everyone must pay the fund transfer fee. 
  • The Reserve Bank of India claims that the NEFT payments can take up to 30 minutes to complete. 

What benefits can you enjoy from the NEFT system as a user?

There are currently numerous digital merchant payment app available nationwide. It could be a wallet, UPI, etc. However, NEFT tops the list due to all of its countless advantages. 

  • The first thing to note is the absence of any involvement from third parties. The user can complete the entire procedure alone and is entirely online. 
  • The fund transfer process is simple and practical. There are no unforeseen fees. The fee for fund transfers is known in advance. 
  • Sending money is safe and secure because RBI guidelines govern the National Electronic Funds Transfer system. 
  • A sender and a receiver make up NEFT. When the transaction is finished, both parties will receive a real-time notification.
  • Demand drafts, checks, or any other similar instruments are not required. 
  • Both individuals and corporate entities can modify NEFT to facilitate payments. 
  • You can pay off any loan or installments using the NEFT system. 

What is the process of the NEFT system?

Here are the specifics for completing a NEFT transaction step by step. These procedures are typically the same for all owners of bank accounts. 

  1. Go to your net banking page first. 
  2. Go to your bank account’s “Fund transfer” section after logging in. 
  3. In the Fund transfer section, select NEFT. 
  4. If you want to add a new beneficiary to the fund transfer, click “Add beneficiary.” 
  5. Add all the beneficiary information, such as their bank account number, IFSC code, etc. Press Add and confirm. 
  6. A one-time password will be sent to the mobile number associated with the bank account. Up until this point, it could take up to 24 hours. 
  7. Once your beneficiary has been added successfully, choose them from the list and enter the payment information where it is required. 
  8. Choose “Confirm.” 
  9. The entered sum will be deposited into the specified bank account.

You have understood the details of the advantageous NEFT system. You can get all the benefits of this modern-age online payment system. It is the easiest and most convenient process to send money to any bank account or merchant.