High Ranking apps

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Today more than 2.5 billion active iOS users are there in the world in which around 114 million users are from India only and this number is showing fast increments. These number can clearly give your idea about how vast the iOS market is. The app stores have become crowded as hundreds of apps are being added to the app stores daily. For all iOS App developers, if they Buy iOS Ranking can give their business new wings of success. … Continue reading “High Ranking apps”

What does a buyer see in a marketing agency before merger/acquisition?

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Merger is when one company consolidates with another company for a strategic objective. Acquisition happens when one company takeover/own another company for a competitive advantage. Let’s see the factors of a buyer considers before merging with a company Reputation Marketing, expertise and artistic reputation is what buyer company see in a billboard agency. Buyers basically search for those ad agencies that have attention of industry and electrical converter plan for successfully attracting new clients. An effective and dedicated team. Buyers … Continue reading “What does a buyer see in a marketing agency before merger/acquisition?”

Advantages of ASO

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What is ASO? ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of improving the visibility of a mobile app in an app store. a bit like program optimization is for website, App store optimization is for mobile app. And if we mention the straightforward definition of ASO then, The process of improving the general visibility of a mobile app in an App store is understood as ASO (App Store Optimization). it’s just for apps not for website. The mobile application market … Continue reading “Advantages of ASO”

Looking for potential earning apps? Read more.

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There are a lot of ways to earn money. Very often, we wonder if there is a way that we get paid for all the time we waste on our phones. This is a conversation that happens in a lot of groups as a joke. But the answer to that is that yes, there is a way. And the answer is waiting patiently for you, sitting right inside your smartphones. One of the surest ways is to choose an online … Continue reading “Looking for potential earning apps? Read more.”

Best agencies for ASO

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The higher you will get your app placed in the App Store, the better chance you get a steady stream of downloads, that is the short and sweet version of the process. ASO is what we call (App store optimization) is the process by which you improve the visibility of your mobile app within the App Store, with millions of new downloads available each year, it can be easy to get lost, especially if your app falls into one of … Continue reading “Best agencies for ASO”

Does, Buying android app reviews make app rank higher?

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Obviously, For app developers, app’s rank really matters a lot. Most of the apps are downloaded because of their rankings. The higher the ranking is, the easier is the way for app to expose and gain some public attention. Most of the people or users search the keywords or name of the app on the app store. There are different ways through which you can boost your app rank. How does an app get rank in the play store? Ranking … Continue reading “Does, Buying android app reviews make app rank higher?”

How to improve your grammar skills

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Grammar is very important for English learner . It can be small confusing and complicated.if you want learn grammar quickly whenever you get free time try to write some articles related to anything what you want and what you know more about.writing skills only change your grammar mistakes and We have many ways are there increase grammar skills. We will see step by step process. 1 .spend time Reading Reading the one way you can improve grammar skills. When you … Continue reading “How to improve your grammar skills”

Once in a Lifetime Opportunity

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   As more and more people use computers in their home and business, there is an increasing opportunity to help people overcome problems with their computers, networks, and peripherals. Utilizing my unique technological knowledge and superior customer service, I will deliver a top-quality experience to those experiencing computer problems.d Mission Statement      At A.K.C. we create happy loyal customers with nothing but the best in computer/network services at nothing but the best prices in the comfort of their home.d … Continue reading “Once in a Lifetime Opportunity”