Facts about app store optimization agency

App store optimization is a procedure of ranking the mobile application higher in the app store search results to make it more visible to the potential customers. App store optimization also requires a crucial understanding of customer intent. 

Importance of App store optimization 

There are several benefits of app store optimization, below mentioned are few of the most important ones. 

  1. According to the researchers, 63% of apps reach potential customers through app store searches, which makes the App store method, the most used method for downloading applications.
  2. There are similar types of thousands of applications in the market, and if one is not using the ASO, then they are missing out on a huge number of customers. Visibility increases the number of instalments for the application. So ASO is the secret spice which can increase your app ranking. 

Basic Factors which an App store optimization agency follows. 

App store optimization (ASO ) basic is similar to search engine optimization (SEO) basics, and they are as follows. 

Primary App store optimization factors


The title always gets the heaviest search traffic. So it is important to decide the keyword for the title precisely. Changing title for the application can be very detrimental for the app lifecycle. If your application starts ranking and there is a change of title, that can affect the application’s reach to the potential customers.


It is important to know the most used keywords and relevant keywords that are frequently used by the target audience. This will improve the app ranking in the app store. This process is also helpful to monitor the competitors.

Secondary App store optimization factors


Total number of downloads is a very significant factor in ASO, but ASO cannot entirely control this download procedure 

Reviews and Rating 

Reviews and rating are other factors which have a significant impact on app store optimization. Also, this cannot be controlled, only there some ways incentivize happy users to rate and review. 

Importance of App store optimization agency 

 the following benefits are sure to be enough to give an idea about the importance of ASO

  1. Agencies will regularly manage app store updates and ads on Apple App Store and Google Play 
  2. Main benefits which an agency provides for app store optimization is time-saving. 
  3. Agencies also provide a lot of flexibility, along with that lowers the advertising cost. 
  4. As the app store optimization agency, solely focuses on growing apps but increasing their visibility in the app store, this enhances the chance for the app being recognized by the target audience. 
  5. Agencies also provide a variety of marketing services which help boost the app ranks. 
  6. Agencies support a diverse sector of industries like mobile game publishers and international brands
  7. These app store optimization agencies use a collection of tools for the mobile marketing team. 
  8. Agencies have to supervise app store strategy, process updates, creative production as well as support your global expansion of the application. 

App Store Optimization is used to shoot up downloads and the number of trustworthy users. These tactics are all very effective. Considering that there is enough hard work required to make a fully functioning application, it is important for any individual to reach the target audience. If you want to make your application to get maximum visibility but do not want to spend huge amounts of money on marketing, then app store optimization is the best way to get there. There are 4 million applications in the app store. Biggest channel faced by mobile application developers is the discovery of their app by the right target audience. This is where app store optimization agencies can help mobile app producers.